The Ultimate 2023 VA Hiring Guide For

Digital Marketing Agencies!

Unlock The Secrets To Hiring Highly Capable VA's To Accelerate Agency Growth.

Refined Agency Sales Rep with the ability to sell 5 figure contracts.

Imagine a college-educated perfectly groomed sales rep to continue the sales process non-stop daily. Our agency sales reps can easily be trained to close complex 5 figure deals from start to finish.


✔️ The Pressing Need to Hire!

✔️ The Agency Sales Closer.

✔️ The Ninja Marketing Assistant.

✔️ The Account Manager Advantage.

✔️ Achieving Base Line Automation.

Our Hiring Process

We Make The Process Of Hiring And

Onboarding Our Virtual Assistants Easy For You!

We are a Proud Community Of 200+ VAs with 100+ Clients

Our Culture focuses on Bringing Best out of your Associate

This is Why we do, What we do

Client Stories

Leonard Tam - Saad Arshad

Henry Adams - Josh Nelson

Abbey Larsen - Sidrah Umar

Wesley Smith-Alizay Hamdani

Danilo - Naimah Abbas

Hafsa Mir - Andrew Cass


Who are these associates & where are they located?

RepStack is a fully remote company. We hire college graduates from top institutes who are growth-oriented, career driven, and future agency leaders.

Every associate goes through a rigorous 4-step HR onboading process and spends at least 1 month in our training academy, where they get Digital Marketing certifications.

We do not operate a “call center” — we have a screening process for the companies we work with, and we pay our associates significantly above the market rate.

Do you offer part-time associates?

Although we prefer you hire a full-time rep, we also provide part-time associates in certain situations.

Book a discovery call with our sales team to learn more.

Will the associate work in our time zone?

Yes. All our Associates work according to their client's time zone and we specifically have time tracking built into our systems. Each month you will get a productivity report on the amount of hours your associate has worked for.

Do you have someone to manage my CRM?

All our Associates get hands-on CRM Training on GoHighLevel and are certified using Extendly trainings. Our Marketing Assistants can setup and manage your CRM, including building funnels, landing pages, and workflow automations.

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