The Ultimate 2022 VA Hiring Guide For Digital Marketing Agencies!

Unlock The Secrets To Hiring Highly Capable VA's To Accelerate Agency Growth.

Refined Agency Sales Rep with the ability to sell 5 figure contracts.

Imagine a college-educated perfectly groomed sales rep to continue the sales process non-stop daily. Our agency sales reps can easily be trained to close complex 5 figure deals from start to finish.


✔️ The Pressing Need to Hire!

✔️ The Agency Sales Closer.

✔️ The Ninja Marketing Assistant.

✔️ The Account Manager Advantage.

✔️ Achieving Base Line Automation.

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Onboarding Our Virtual Assistants Easy For You

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Client Case Studies

Joe and Dominique Testimonial

Joe and Dominique wanted to diversify their marketing and lead generation strategy. They also wanted to scale their team to facilitate the growth of their business and our VA helped them do exactly that! "She's Great! She's a multitasker and very thorough. She's catching on very quickly!"

Josh's Testimonial

Henry's vast experience in sales has managed to generate an average of 20 extra bookings a month, for his client. "You're crushing it! You're such a great addition to our team.

John Victoria's Testimonial

John's agency was in dire need of some change. He had struggled for years to find a proactive and extroverted VA who could handle a leadership role. We provided exactly that! He honed in on his business model and used Rija's Account Management techniques to organize and manage his lead flow. "She really meets the core values of what we're looking for."

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